Who We Are

Bossa Mar is an artisan-made, contemporary wooden jewelry brand. Our products are ethically crafted with sustainable wood by artisans in Costa Rica.

Why We Do This

Costa Rica, a tiny country located in the center of the Americas, has historically been a beacon of hope and peace in a region marked by turmoil and violence. However, things have been changing in the past couple of decades, unfortunately for the worse. Inequality has been on the rise, unemployment has skyrocketed to 12%, and about a quarter of the population is in poverty.

All this was causing a lot of concern to our founders, Gabriel and Melissa, who were born and raised in Costa Rica and had recently moved to the US. During one of their trips to Costa Rica, they met a family of artisanal woodworkers and learned that, despite their talent, they were struggling to sell their handcrafted products; they were competing with mass-produced goods that were cheaper and faster to make.


This sparked an idea for Gabriel and Melissa: What if they could help Costa Rican artisans make a living by selling their goods in the United States?

That is how Bossa Mar came to life, a wooden jewelry brand named for bossa nova (Brazilian jazz) and the sea. After all, we think this captures the Costa Rican lifestyle: natural, rhythmic, and influenced by the coast.

Production & Design

Bossa Mar products are crafted with either sustainable wood that’s grown solely for the purpose of woodworking (that means no forest cutting), or reclaimed wood from other industries that would otherwise be tossed.

Our wooden jewelry represents natural beauty, too. Each piece is hand-carved, unique, and represents the hard work of the artist who made it. Its contemporary, minimalist design is inspired primarily by nature and by cultures from all corners of the world.

We work with artists who use many traditional wood carving techniques while leveraging technology to take jewelry design to the next level. The result is an eclectic collection of versatile pieces that can enhance any wardrobe.

Handcrafted - Bossa Mar

Our Mission

Our mission is to help artisans earn a stable income, starting with the talented woodworkers in Costa Rica. By purchasing their goods, we are supporting these family-owned businesses. In turn, they’re able to hire more artists, creating more jobs in their own community. It’s a ripple effect that we hope will spread as our business continues to grow.

We live in a world dominated by corporations and the money ends up in the hands of very few wealthy individuals, generating more inequality.

But we, as consumers, have the power to change this through the decisions we make when we buy products. By spreading the wealth, you can contribute to struggling economies, ultimately improving the overall quality of life for the community and those in it. It may be on a small scale, but everything adds up.

We love our products and what we stand for — and we hope that you do, too.

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